Matt Service Corporate Film

Editor, Animations, 2D and 3D Grafics

A corporate film for a company that cleans and delivers floor mats.
c.en arts was responsible for the editing, the animations, and the integration and creation of 2D and 3D graphics.
On the side you will find some insight into the animation.

Editor: Claudia Engl
Animations: Claudia Engl
2D, 3D Grafics: Claudia Engl

Corporate Film | Advertising Film, Germany 2012, approx. 3 minutes, HD PAL, 16:9

Cantus Ad Libitum Concert

Production, Concept, Photography, Editor

The chamber choir "Cantus ad libitum" (singing at pleasure) was founded by its conductor Thomas Thürer in 2000.

In 2011, the choir performed in different locations, one of which was the Christuskirche in Poing near Munich. This concert was documented by c.en arts.

Produktion: c.en arts
Concept: Claudia Engl, Thomas Thürer
Photography: Claudia Engl, Stefan Kober
Editor: Claudia Engl
Conductor: Thomas Thürer
Music: Cantus Ad Libitum
Sound: Simon Meister
Light: Torsten Oehl

Live Recording | Documentary, Germany 2012, approx. 90 minutes, HD PAL, 16:9

not available online

Zero Killed Docufiction Film

Executive Producer, Editor, Additional Photography etc.

I assisted and supported the production of Zero Killed from 2008 to 2011 in several stages of the production. My responsibilities: Executive Producer, Editor, Additional Photography, Postproduction, Digital Effects, Production Assistant and Creative Collaboration.

Since 1996 Michal Kosakowski has been asking people with different backgrounds about their murder fantasies and offered them the chance to stage their fantasies as short films. The director’s only condition was that they had to act in these films themselves, as either victims or perpetrators. More than a decade later, Kosakowski met these people again to ask them about their emotions during their acts of murder or victimization and interviewed them about current social topics such as revenge, torture, war, terrorism, media, domestic violence, the death penalty, suicide etc..
The result is an unconventional hybrid of feature film and documentary that makes viewers question their personal and social positions concerning ethical and moral values and taboos.

Production: Michal Kosakowski Films
Producer: Michal Kosakowski
Executive Producer: Claudia Engl, Uli Aigner
Associate Producer: Stephan Herzog
Director, Script, DoP: Michal Kosakowski
Additional Photography: Claudia Engl, Lucas Vossoughi
Editor: Claudia Engl, Michal Kosakowski
Creative Collaboration: Claudia Engl, Uli Aigner
Music: Paolo Marzocchi
Sounddesign: Tatjana Jakob
Production Design: Michal Kosakowski, Heli Leitner
and more

Cinema Docufiction Film, Germany, Austria 2008-2011, 81 minutes, HDCam, 16:9

Photo Studio Klein Corporate Film

Production, Concept, Director, Photography and Editor

A corporate/ advertising film about the Photo Studio Klein, that has not "only" specialized in pure photography, but also offers media and web design.
The film gives a small insight into the studio everyday life and get acquainted with the studio owner, Ms. Barbara Klein and her customers.

Production: c.en arts
Idea, Concept: Claudia Engl and client
Director, Photography, Editor: Claudia Engl
Music: Patrick Senges
Light, Sound: Claudia Engl

Corporate Film | Advertising Film, Germany 2011, 4 minutes, HD PAL, 16:9

VIP Center Advertising Spot

Production, Concept, Director, Photography and Editor

A advertising/ product spot about the VIP Center of the Smart Point, an interactive and multi-functional terminal of the company GBN Systems GmbH .
The Spot was shown at the SME Fair in Munich at the 23th and 24th of March 2011.

Production: c.en arts
Idea, Concept: Claudia Engl and client
Director: Claudia Engl
Photography, Editor: Claudia Engl
Actors: Dennis König, Kevin Steininger
Narrator: Michael Zenner
Light, Sound: Claudia Engl

Advertising Spot | Corporate Spot | Product Spot, Germany 2011, 1 minute, HD PAL

FotoTV film clips

Editor, Graphics Integration, Color Correction

With its film library FotoTV is the world's largest webTV about photography. Passionate photographers, amateurs and professionals expand here their knowledge specifically. FotoTV is made by photographers for photographers and covers all facets of photography - from technology, background knowledge to the art.
In addition, in 2010 FotoTV was the official TV partner of Photokina, the world's most important trade fair for photography.
Since September 2010, I'm supporting FotoTV as a freelancer in the stage of post production.

Concept: Marc Ludwig
Photography: Marc Ludwig, Dennis Bartsch and others
Editor: Claudia Engl und andere
Graphics Integration: Claudia Engl and others
Color Correction: Claudia Engl and others

WebTV | Photography Film, international, DV and HD PAL, 16:9

Trio Coriolis Concert

Production, Concept, Photography and Editor

"HörBlicke21" is a co-production of the munich Trio Coriolis and the Municipal Art Gallery "Lothringer13" in Munich. Musical world premieres and new works of visual art are presented in a common context.

The Trio Coriolis performed on 10/06/2010 at the Municipal Art Gallery "Lothringer13" in Munich.

Production: c.en arts, Kopolismedia
Concept: Claudia Engl, Michal Kosakowski
Music: Trio Coriolis
Photography, Editor: Claudia Engl, Michal Kosakowski

Music Film | Experimental | Corporate Film, Germany 2010, 14 minutes, HD PAL, 16:9

Interviews on the topic of death

Production, Concept, Director, Photography and Editor

Several people of all ages, religions and nationalities should be interviewed about their experiences, feelings and fears connected to the taboo subject of "death".

This project is still in the middle of production. Nevertheless, you can already find a little video insight here.

Production: c.en arts
Concept: Claudia Engl
Director: Claudia Engl
Music: Norman Legies
Photography, Editor: Claudia Engl
Sound: Claudia Engl

Reportage | Documentary, Germany 2010, HD PAL, 16:9, filmed with the RedRock Micro 35mm Adaptor

60 Views And One Little Girl

Production, Concept, Director, Photography and Editor

Every human being is affected by good and bad experiences they have had in the course of their lives. No matter if during childhood or as an adult, every experience leaves marks. In addition, our reaction to specific situations and humans is largely affected by prejudice, ignorance, education and the media. With openness, joy and affection or instead with cautiousness, fear or even hate.
Behind each of the 60 faces the viewer finds a very unique personality with its very own fears, experience and an individual story. Nevertheless each human being shows the same behavior in particular situations. But what about the little girl?

Production: c.en arts
Concept: Claudia Engl
Music: Yunus Barbaros Kuru
Director: Claudia Engl
Photography, Editor: Claudia Engl

Experimental | Documentary, Germany 2010, 4 minutes, DV PAL, 16:9 (originally 4:3)

SOWOSEC Corporate Film

Assistent Director, Photography, Editor, Light and Sound

A corporate Film about the new European masters studies SOWOSEC (Social Economy and Social Work) which is offered in nine European cities in Austria, Germany, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Switzerland and France.

Director: Michal Kosakowski
Assistent Director: Claudia Engl
Music: Massimo Valentini, Giuseppe Conte
Photography, Editor: Michal Kosakowski, Claudia Engl
Light, Sound: Michal Kosakowski, Claudia Engl

Corporate Film | Advertising Film, Germany 2008, 9 minutes, DV PAL, 16:9

Actor`s Demotape

Production, Photography, Editor, Light and Sound

A demotape for the actress Franziska Würzl.

With scenes from:
"Liebelei" by Arthur Schnitzler
"Ein Phönix zu viel" by Christopher Frey
"Jagdszenen aus Niederbayern" by Martin Sperr
"Amphitryon" by Molière
"Die Zofen" by Jean Genet
"Die Heirat" by Nikolai Gogol

Production: c.en arts
Concept: Franziska Würzl
Director: Dunja Lock
Photography, Editor: Claudia Engl
Light, Sound: Claudia Engl

Actor`s Demotape, Germany 2009, 14 minutes, HD PAL, 16:9

Hunger For Life

Production, Concept, Director, Photography, Editor etc.

A film about the life of a young woman and her everyday struggle with the eating disorder bulimia. On the outside she lives an apparently successful and happy life, but it is dominated by superficiality and there seems to be no space in it for an illness like bulimia. She has to play a role – the role of a content, but above all healthy young woman. But no one knows what kind of person she is on the inside. A film about collapsing self-control, shame and isolation...

Information about the film

This film was part of my bachelor thesis. The production of this film was subject to the condition that it will never be published and only my examiners had permission to see it. This is why I cannot show the film on the website. Instead you can read an excerpt from my bachelor thesis assessment:

„(...) In the film she does not reduce herself to giving one answer but, on the example of her protagonist, differentiatedly shows how exterior, societal circumstances and the personal life story equally shape this disorder pattern. Her film manages to create unterstanding for this disorder pattern through a sensitive but also very direct and unsparing documentation of a person suffering from bulimia. The protagonist's personal experience with this disorder, her personal account of her life with bulimia force the viewer to deal with an everyday life marked by repeatedly collapsing self-control, shame and isolation with a background of an extremely successful and apparently impeccable career.

The fact that Claudia Engl has shot and produced the film under the condition of never being able to show it in public testifies to courage and dedication for socially tabooed topics. The film also provides evidence for what is close to Claudia Engl's heart: film-making as an answer to her own vital questions and the love for the medium of film. (...)“
final grade on practical work: 1.0

Production: c.en arts
Concept: Claudia Engl
Director: Claudia Engl
Photography, Editor: Claudia Engl
Light, Sound: Claudia Engl

Documentary, Germany 2008, 20 minutes, HD PAL, 16:9

not available online